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ST Team
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
ST Team
A-Viva on BOT
In a first-of-its-kind exercise in the Indian ITeS industry, Aviva—the world’s fifth largest insurance group successfully completed the transfer of 1600 employees from its 3rd party BPO vendor 24/7 Customer to its own BPO wing Aviva Global Services (AGS) in early January.

Spiraling out of a well-thought off shoring strategy on Aviva’s part, the BOT (Build Operate Transfer) transfer in Bangalore was the first of the four such transfers, all operating out of BOT contracts entered into with the vendor partners over three years ago.

Though there are three more BOT transfers waiting to happen in 2007 viz. 1300 employees each from WNS-Pune and EXL Services-Pune and 300 employees from WNS-Colombo, this one was significant considering the anticipation in the industry over the efficacy of the BOT model on such a large scale. Though such transfers have taken place in India, they have primarily been in the IT space, involving a headcount of merely 300-500 people.

Says Rajnish Virmani, CEO, Aviva Global Services who steered the transfer, “When we began thinking about effecting the transfer, there was absolutely no precedent that we could refer to. We were treading on virgin ground.”

The risks were manifold; AGS’ team took around nine months working on mitigating the prospective perils and fine-tuning the modus operandi of the transfer. Around 8-9 people—experts from varied fields, formed the BOT core team and divided themselves into various work streams, concentrating on financial matters, legal and taxation concerns, people issues and due diligence separately.

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