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Connectivity is the Key to Strong & Quality Network Experience

Samartha Raghava Nagabhushanam, CEO & MD and Alok Kiran Divatia, VP-Sales & Marketing, 5BARz India.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
 Samartha Raghava Nagabhushanam, CEO & MD and Alok Kiran Divatia, VP-Sales & Marketing, 5BARz India.
Headquartered in Bangalore, 5BARz India - a wholly owned subsidiary of Mexico-based 5BARz International (OTCQB: BARZ) that has a current market cap of $23.16 million - is dedicated to leverage a stronger cellular signal to attain high quality connectivity.

Just two decades ago, for many, it would have been absurd to imagine their life without a landline phone. Serving a valuable purpose of connecting people, the system had brought many conveniences to the fore, but its installation, however, devoured relatively 3-5 years. But today, with digital breakthroughs barging into the technology bandwagon en masse, all our lives are predominantly governed by our smartphones. With around four and half lakh cellular towers across the country, smartphones contributes around 40 percent of the sales of handset in the vertical. Data is now an enabling centerpiece of the humongous growth, which has pushed the boundaries way beyond voice telephony. Further, to support the rapid influx of advanced generations of the networks, the technology world has also witnessed the evolution of small cell technologies. On the other hand, the rapid urbanization has undoubtedly pushed India to soar higher, with the swiftly changing demography serving as a catalyst for the infrastructure transformation. However, today, with the market touching the threshold of saturation, the challenge is no more the network penetration, but it is about the quality, speed and the cost of a signal. Besides, despite of lack of conclusive scientific evidence, the fear of possible adverse health effects of the radiations from the adjoining towers has been a roadblock for a quality and uninterrupted network experience.

According to us, strength of the quality does not only rely on Cloud and other such back-end infrastructure, but also on the much-needed, yet often unavailable last mile connectivity. Noting this, 5BARz has created a simple, single plug-and-play model named Network Extender. Equipped with end-to-end capabilities, the product not only helps network operators to position or extend their network infrastructure directly into the homes and offices, but also provides the feedback-free last point of connectivity, be it for data or voice. Through the innovation, we are helping telecom industry scale and optimize a national resource which is the spectrum. We are also proactively working towards eliminating the menace of network congestion and the call drops that follow by, while also strengthening the concept of shared infrastructure.

Not only 5BARz, but today, everybody is equally putting their best foot forward to curb the demons and the Government of India is no exception. In the last fiscal, we have seen the government helping the operators optimize their cellular networks. Driven by such positive changes, India is rapidly evolving into a far advanced economy and the entire world is looking at India to provide a single largest unified market. As one of the most amazing initiatives that would back India in succeeding this, Digital India has created unprecedented employment opportunities and bringing the country at par with the other economies. Additionally, keeping the concept of connectivity as its paramount axiom, the initiative is also steering the country towards a future where the country will be connected with a higher quality of service. En route, we would like to see even startups to vest their innovations into aiding last mile RF connectivity, which serves as an enabler of quality and end-to-end services. (As told to Ananth. V & Kavitha G)
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