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Connected: India's Ride on the Internet Bandwagon

Balaji Prakash, Consumer Business Unit Head - Karnataka & Kerala, Tata Teleservices Limited
Monday, November 21, 2016
Balaji Prakash, Consumer Business Unit Head - Karnataka & Kerala, Tata Teleservices Limited
Tata Teleservices is one of leading mobile telecommunications service providers in India delivering mobile connectivity, content and services to consumers across the country. Redefining the telecom experience in India, the entity has launched technologically advanced innovative products & services which is simplifying consumer lives and expanding digital inclusion.

Imagine a day without the internet; not only does it seem difficult, but actually quite dire, coupled with the much overriding Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). We've come a long way, considering mobile networks carried fewer than 10 gigabytes per month in 2000, and less than one petabyte per month in 2005. It is safe to say that today, India is currently riding the internet bandwagon ,and is ahead of most countries.

With the recent splurge in digitization, including the sudden outbreak of smartphones and tablets, the role of the internet has traversed from being an enabler to actually becoming our lives. Gone are the days when the 'Internet' was a thing of the more qualified and the richer families who owned a computer. Thanks to affordability, accessibility and a variety of devices, every individual, irrespective of age and socio-economic background, now owns a smartphone.

Being 'connected' is one the key drivers of the revolution that began with the invasion of social networking sites. This has further evolved into a whole dominion of e-Commerce sites, and the growing trend of online shopping that is currently contributing to enormous amounts of internet data. Against this backdrop, following are some of the trends and focus areas of how mobile data consumption is making India 'connected', and how this plays a beneficial role for certain business verticals such as e-Commerce:

Future of the 'Connected' Junta

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