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May - 2015 - issue > Best Startup to Work For - Telecom Networking

Conexxion Tech: Incorporating Out-of-the-Box Corporate Culture via Employee Friendly Policies

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Kanak Prabha
The four walls of an office don't guarantee great ideas or successful product/solution building. Sometimes it's necessary to break the wall of mediocrity and go beyond the parameters to reach a new creative height. The certitude is that the most productive sessions generally take place off-site at a relaxed milieu, where people feel liberated and hassle-free to speak up. One such tradition is spurred in this 2014 born telecom networking company, Conexxion Tech Pte Ltd. - where innovative brain storming session befalls during the team outing in the midst of solitudes. Such out-of-the-box convention acts as an icebreaker in getting the creative juices flowing. For Connexion, a great brainstorming session captures all brilliant and freewheeling ideas which trigger the company's revenues.

The young startup have carved a niche of its own and is an emerging player in the telecom network business whose main aim is to support and grow with leaders in the industry. Through its unique top notch process and delivery models, the company offers services like Management and Business Consulting, IT Consulting, Bespoke Application Development, Training and Telecom. With a team of experienced professionals who have technology and innovation ingrained in their DNA, its skilled talent pool provides the right mix of strategic IT consultancy services and technology skills to ensure timely delivery of services. Having holistic approach in creating optimal value for their clients, the team at Conexxion has successfully brought together the best of technology and human resources.

The Employee Friendly Policies

The organization was incepted by Ramkumar Sarma, who attributes its success to his employees. "Our core values and philosophy are our employees. Whatever our profit is, it is because of our people, hence for us, our people are the most important force. We want our employees to be happy as it is the road to productivity," says Ramkumar Sarma, CEO, Conexxion Tech Pte Ltd. Built on the core pillars of nurturing a supportive environment, what started with 3 people today serves as a sweet home to its 200+ employees. Having a culture that fosters hard work and personal growth, Conexxion has rejuvenated the work environment with fun via its media room and game rooms.

"Organizations should have a workplace where employees don't dread to go every day. Infact, they should look forward to going to their jobs," adds Ramkumar. As culture sustains employee enthusiasm, keeping employees happy with their careers should be a major priority for every employer. Thereby, Conexxion has established itself as a preferred work place for its workforce through its employee-friendly policies. The work-culture vested in the organization is all about flexibility and equality, which in return alleviates the work related stress and ensures a stable work and personal life of its associates.

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