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Companies Need to Become 'Technology First' Businesses

By Puneet Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Brillio
Friday, March 20, 2015
By Puneet Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Brillio
New Jersey based Brillio is a global technology consulting firm focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization in BFSI, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology and other domains.

In the not too distant past of only 5-10 years ago, the business world looked at technology largely as a means to an end. Essentially delegated to the role of "enabler", technology was part of the equation of business causation where if you implemented X, you always got Y. But that is not the story today where the breakneck pace of technology change and a dramatically shorter time to maturity, have created market forces that businesses are struggling to understand and tame.

The fundamental fabric of modern life is changing. And I would even propose that human beings are evolving into a different species because of technology. It is difficult to identify any part of our personal and professional worlds and behaviours that have somehow not been touched in significant ways by technology, largely around the new forms of connection and collaboration.

I believe that technology has woven itself into the fabric of our society at such an intimate level that we must consider that it is no longer an "enabler", but is really the "core essence" of business life. Businesses must marry strengths and competencies in their market knowledge with new technology expertise, while assuming an anthropologist's view of how technology is transforming society at large and not just in their small slice of the world.

No enterprise is exempt from this. Companies must commit to understanding what it means to evolve into "technology first" businesses - whether they are in advertising, retail, finance, energy, healthcare, consumer goods or even education.

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