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April - 2012 - issue > Leadership

Co-innovation with Academia

Vishwas Nair
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Vishwas Nair
Meera Sampath, Director – Xerox Innovation Lab, India talks about the company’s strategy of co-innovating with academia to bring out new solutions to market.

How are the academic programs at Xerox in tandem with the Innovation Lab?

Open innovation is a concept that spells, "not all the smart people work for you but you can work with them". As these are extended parts of the Xerox family, we have research projects in which researchers in Xerox not only in India center but also centers in other parts of the world work on specific research projects which are part of our overall research portfolio. These are done with the professors and students of the universities we have relationships with.

So, we work on projects which are of mutual interest to us. We try to come up with solutions to some of our basic research problems which we need to solve in order to have an impact on our businesses. These research projects should also be theoretically appealing for the universities to go for. Therefore, it is not different from the work that we do in-house except that the people who do research are not part of the Xerox employee but definitely a part of Xerox’s larger research.

What are some of the challenges that you come across especially on cloud computing considering it has huge market today?

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