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Clustrix: The Leading Scale-out SQL Database for Big Data Applications

SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
SI Team
Clustrix is the scale-out SQL database for Big Data applications and enables them to scale to unlimited users, transactions and data, while eliminating database sharding and automating fault tolerance. More than 200 Clustrix nodes are in production in web applications around the globe, with more than 500 billion transactions per month running through Clustrix databases worldwide. Its customers include Rakuten, Symantec, AOL, CSC, MakeMyTrip, Photobox, and Massive Media.

Clustrix dramatically reduces database cost and complexity with a simple no-shard approach that delivers linear scalability and performance for Big Data applications. It also eliminates the cost and complexity of database sprawl by consolidating databases on one appliance and managing from a single console. Finally, Clustrix enables customers to gain critical business insight with real-time analytics, and inherent fault tolerance and constant load balancing eliminate costly database downtime.
The Clustrix database solution is delivered as a fault-tolerant appliance or as-a-service that is a drop-in replacement for MySQL.

Clustrix’ unique advantage derives from an innovative shared-nothing, fully distributed relational database architecture, which includes
Intelligent data distribution: automatic data distribution for horizontal scale-out and inherent fault tolerance
MPP query evaluation: revolutionary massively parallel processing for all query types
Clustrix fulfills the critical requirements for the modern, scale-out relational database—delivery of real-time, high integrity transactions at high concurrency without costly and complex scale-up or predatory licensing from legacy vendors.

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