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Cloupia: Taking Cloud to the Future

SI Team
Wednesday, May 2, 2012
SI Team
Cloud Computing seems to be the technology phrase du jour of this century. Cloud, for companies, is a cocktail of mobility, flexibility, and cost arbitrage, but it comes with its set of issues as well. For starters, enterprises are still unsure about the type of cloud they want to deploy — Private, Public or Hybrid; and coupled with doubts over who will manage it. Though, several companies are popping up in the cloud arena but only a very small fraction of these actually have something new to offer, something that can act as a catalyst in taking the industry forward. What one needs today is innovative vendors and technologies that can help manage infrastructure resources to deliver service quality, security and availability, as well as workloads, in private, hybrid cloud environments. This is where Cloupia comes in.

Founded in 2009 by a group of industry veterans with deep expertise in Data Center, Virtualization, Network and Enterprise Systems Management, Cloupia powers enterprises and service provides with its data center and cloud automation offerings. "Many companies are investigating and looking at implementing virtualization along with cloud computing technologies. Identifying and properly evaluating the cloud opportunities and developing an effective but realistic implementation strategy can be a challenge within a complex IT organization. Many organizations have limited experience in this field and are unsure of how to proceed. There is no one-size-fits-all cloud adoption model and that is where Cloupia can help develop the right cloud strategy based on clients' readiness and existing capabilities," says Raju Datla, Founder & CEO, Cloupia.

The company's flagship product, Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller (CUIC) provides unified cloud and datacenter management and automation solution with infrastructure control, provisioning, management and monitoring capabilities across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Cloupia customers can build their own internal private clouds or public service provider clouds as well as manage hybrid clouds using single pane of glass. Cloupia's vision is to provide unified automation platform for evolving needs of dynamic data centers with heterogeneous platforms. One of Cloupia's key differentiators is its ability to manage, provision and orchestrate both physical and virtual environments. This led Cloupia to be the leading automation vendors of converged infrastructure such as FlexPod.

CloudGenie is a first iPad app for datacenter orchestration and management in the market, aimed to enable IT organizations to rapidly provision services with a single swipe. The company also provides several solutions to its customers, solutions that enable small, medium and large enterprises to achieve their cloud objectives without compromising on policies and control. "In a market where Customers are demanding Simplicity, Self service and automation, Cloupia has allowed Empired to deliver our Cloud solution in days rather than weeks. Their level of end-to-end orchestration with infrastructure out of the box is astonishing", says Russell Baskerville, Managing Director of Empired Ltd. It is no wonder, that the company was also recognized and named a "Cool Vendor in Cloud Management, 2012 by Gartner, Inc". From the looks of it, it is definite that the company has entered the right space with the right team and product when they were needed the most. The response it is getting stands as a testament to this. Looking forward, one will not be surprised to see Cloupia give a strong competition the likes of BMC and CA in their own game.

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