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April - 2011 - issue > Technology

Cloud Computing's Toughest Obstacle!

Amit Nath
Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Amit Nath
Modern life is becoming more and more inseparable from cloud computing, the most obvious example of this being the widespread acceptance of the social network. Needs have catalyzed growth, and according to research data from 2010, the Cloud market has already surpassed $37.8 billion and is continuing to grow towards $121.1 billion in Y2015. The continual growth of the Cloud market is absolute related to the explosive development of the “end products”, over one billion users have been accumulated since the beginning of the Internet’s speedy growth in 1999 through 2010. It is expected that due to universal mobile device usage, the number of total Internet users will increase to 10 billion in only another 10 years, by 2020! With industry needs and each national government’s promotion, it can be said that Cloud Computing has truly entered its stage of growth.

Security is the main driver for going cloud:
IDC’s recent report further reaffirms the growth in the virtualization space. As per IDC, with shipments of virtualized servers growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14 percent from 2009 to 2014, it is expected that the robust growth in server virtualization will continue through 2014 as datacenter adoption is increasingly considered mainstream in mature economies and as organizations in emerging regions look for datacenter efficiencies. As more enterprises use virtual servers, they will be searching for security solutions that will protect the server hosting the virtualized environment; the hypervisor; and shield the virtual servers from malware and hacker attacks. With data center consolidation, along with the rise of cloud computing, virtualization and VDI, more and more computing power and data itself are moving into virtual world. So, data security in this environment has become more critical.

CXOs are skeptical:
The prospects of the Cloud market are looking promising, attracting investment from many different sources, so at this time, everyone can acknowledge that using Cloud Computing will allow data transmission to become quicker and more easily managed; however, there is a common concern about information security, and all of a sudden a shadow has been cast on Cloud’s originally bright future. This tells us that information security is an extremely important cornerstone in the development of Cloud Computing!

The prospect of data security in cloud computing has security professionals and CXO community taking a cautious approach. The main reason springs from the sense that they do not feel they have a good control of the data out in the cloud. One of the more critical issued is the relative lack of control of end user, especially when the user is outside the perimeter of the enterprise.

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