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June - 2010 - issue > Technology

Clash of the Titans Adobe Air Vs Microsoft Silverlight

Kapil Tyagi
Thursday, June 3, 2010
Kapil Tyagi
Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a terminology that one comes across very frequently. It is a concept that came into lime light very recently, has taken the world into frenzy. Today internet is one platform that brings the world together and rich internet application makes Web and Desktop application possible. Top players like Microsoft and Adobe has come up with an array of RIA frameworks in the recent past, out of which recently launched was Adobe AIR & Microsoft Silverlight.

Both Adobe and Microsoft has been ace in their domain and has shown excellent expertise in creating such frameworks. Both AIR and Silverlight has come out with specific technologies that have come a long way helping the developers. Adobe has been one of the most user friendly platforms for developers and has provided with famous and popular RIA frameworks like Adobe Flash, Flex & now AIR. Similarly Microsoft’s Silverlight has proved to be one of the most favored RIA frameworks enabling desktop application developers to move towards RIA using XAML.

Both the applications have been developed keeping in mind the usability and feasibility of the developers and hence equally favored. Adobe and Microsoft has been holding a strong position in this segment and still maintain the same. Both Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight have received great response since their inception in the market. Microsoft has upgraded Silverlight and recently introduced Silverlight 3.

Advantage AIR!
Adobe has been one of the pioneers to revolutionize the RIA platform over the years. Adobe’s excellent technology has been one of the favorites for developers. With every new launch of RIA platforms like Flex, Flash and now AIR, Adobe has always worked towards enhancing the quality and the experience of working on the platform. Adobe AIR is one such platform that has enhanced itself in order to make it choicest of all. AIR is a cross-OS runtime enabling developers to use existing Web development skills to build Internet applications that can run on the desktop.With the launch of AIR 2 it now completely supports Windows 7 & Snow Leopard, thus evolving as one of the significant tool for companies to better serve their clients and also build relation with prospective clients.

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