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Cerium Systems: Leading ASIC Design Bandwagon amidst Tectonic Shifts in Global Semiconductor Industry

si Team
Monday, December 7, 2015
si Team
The declining PC market elevated next big things in the market - Smart Devices, to boost semiconductor sales and maintain the growth. But soaring China market was again at the backdrop as ASIC design services growth declined at the beginning of 2013. Yet, with cross-border mergers & acquisitions, the market giants took charge and most of the investments went in pre-silicon designs and utilization of semiconductor IPs continued to increase by 35 percent. As the market was taking a new shape, the consequentiality was in the designing services to reduce the cost of the end-product.

Amidst the paradigm shifts in the market, Sudhakar Palisetti, Jayakumar Gorla, Sreejith Patinhareth and Arundhati Ashoka founded Cerium Systems to catch the market stride with a bandwagon of ex-IITians, NITians and patent holders in the United States. Incorporated in 2013, Cerium Systems offers ASIC/FPGA Design and Verification, Physical Design, Analog Circuit Design and Layout. It additionally provides services in Embedded Systems and GPGPU programming.

Providing Comprehensive ASIC Designing

Headquartered in Bangalore, Cerium is a growing fabless semiconductor and systems services startup. It offers comprehensive solutions to address complex IP, ASIC/FPGA or SoC on advanced process technology nodes up to 14/10mm. Its proven expertise and track record in providing first-pass silicon success across 20 IP developments, ASIC tape-outs and over 10 turnkey FPGAs, boards and systems have catered to various domains such as communication, automotive, networking, storage, deference, and consumer products.

While big brands fail to descry all the pain points of customers, being a start-up, Cerium wants to concentrate on them considering as opportunities. Sudhakar expounds, "We work with Tier-I companies in the areas of computing and mobile processing, graphics, networking (enterprise and gateways), reprogrammable computing and systems companies. Our value driven approach and commitment to quality in distribution have availed us to convert short-term outsourcing contracts with our clients in to long-term relationships".

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