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CRMIT Solutions: PaaS and Mobility now Forges Cloud Based CX

Vinod Reddy,
Founder and CEO-CRMIT Solutions
Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Vinod Reddy,
With little or no barrier of entry in adopting the cloud technology, companies now, are deploying numerous SaaS applications, resulting in hundreds of applications and services in the ecosystem (including appcloud or cloud marketplaces). Most of this is siloed off and unable to communicate seamlessly with one another to understand their customers better. Customer data Integration across the enterprise is becoming a huge challenge for not only business end-users, but also for providers of SaaS and cloud services.

CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer in delivering cloud based customer experience (CX) consulting and solutions. With over 250 successful Cloud CRM & CX deployments across 25 countries, including one of the largest cloud based CRM deployments in the world, CRMIT Solutions recognizes the need for a new set of integration offerings through its proprietary CRM++ Customer application/data integration framework (CAIF) running on top of PaaS. "Our PaaS expertise helps in bringing over application platforms and workloads to gain some of the same benefits for the application layer-standardizations, faster deployments, accelerated time-to-market and seamless integration of customer information," explains Vinod Reddy, Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

Even as a large CRM cloud deployment was taking shape at a multinational financial service company with over 1000 branches and outlets, the transition would not have been complete without integrating it with their many new services and legacy applications. The CRM++ range of products supported by the CAIF enables the complex environment, a way to integrate cloud-based services with each other as well as with on-premises enterprise applications in a hybrid integration model sitting on top of industry standard PaaS architecture.

"We are born in the cloud, right from day one, and the rich experience that we bring to the table is unmatched," claims Vinod. "The potential challenge now is that the cloud model assumes ubiquitous access to the business data and in particular for field sales data. CRM++ FieldSalesPro, which is an accelerated sales enablement mobile solution for sales reps and managers seeking to empower, enable their field sales with effective learning, collaboration, sales meeting preparedness, execution, capturing action items, send timely notifications with required business data to customers, anytime, anywhere access to CRM data, seamless synchronization and Predictive Intelligence through mobile devices. The app is designed to help sales leaders and sales reps to generate and win new businessesFaster- identify how their customers define good selling and design a sales process accordingly using predictive algorithm aligned to the current business processes and field realities. With focus on modern user experience, the mobile app provides sales meeting scheduling, up-to-date context specific content for sales preparedness and critical data points for faster deal closures. CRM++ FieldSalesPro increases sales team's efficiency in every stage: scheduling, preparation, conversation, follow up and intuitive analytics, visualization. Hence, CRMIT makes sales more productive and more effective.

"This solution is designed for the cloud, so that there is minimal lead time in terms of implementing this to work with your CRM, other business systems. Going forward, we aspire to take the Sales Force applications to next level by offering a set of easy-to-use business tasks, personalized to serve particular industries, powered by effective machine learning," reveals Vinod. "This can be extended to many useful scenarios. For example, sales and marketing teams could use predictive data cloud services to estimate the best profiles for customer prospects. By bringing data-as-a-service to marketers, we are planning to provide recommendations based on a patent pending algorithm which uses a new world of external data enabling target accuracy and scale to every B2B interaction, providing 360° view of customer, product and meetings for the success of sales operations," he concludes.

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