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CRM + BPM: Raising the Bar to Deliver Better Customer Experience

Amy Bethke
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Amy Bethke
For decades, businesses have continually sought to deliver customer service that is effective, personalized, and simultaneously cost efficient.

The pursuit of this goal has driven them to spend vast sums on the research and implementation of new customer service systems and even triggered the emergence of an entirely new field of business thinking known as customer relationship management (CRM).

So why is it then, that so many of the customer satisfaction scores in this country show no signs of improvement? What is missing from previous customer service solutions?

Well, the primary limitation of previous CRM solutions is they have traditionally been designed as standalone front-office systems with little integration into other department or back-office systems. For instance, traditional CRM solutions might allow customer service operators access to consolidated customer information - such as contact details and purchase history - when selling a product, but rarely access to real-time information outlining the status of an existing order in the warehouse.

For this reason, along with advancements in technology, business process management (BPM) is now taking a greater role in CRM. BPM-powered CRM solutions are fundamentally different because they are not isolated. They manage customer orders and services in streamlined end-to-end, customer centric processes.

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