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CP HR Services: An Easy & Proven Access to Embrace the Befitting Personnel

Kavitha G.
Friday, June 5, 2015
Kavitha G.
While over millions and billions of graduates constantly search for their first right employer, the story does not take a different path for the employers even. In fact, the task of recruiting the best suited candidates is more critical, yet tiring; and the roadblocks such as talent gaps and hunting for more experience makes it much more challenging. However, it will not be far from the truth to say that the HRO companies of today have been simplifying the task into a chore which is much more hassle-free. But rewinding back a decade, when providing quality end-to-end recruitment solutions that endeavored to annihilate the concerns was beyond the boundaries of consideration, or even possibilities; it was this Pune based recruitment company, CP HR Services Pvt. Ltd., who re-defined the industry with their zest to add more life to mundane businesses and they successfully implemented the change. CP HR has successfully career counseled over 2500 candidates between 2014-2015.

The early 21st century witnessed a significant upsurge in recruitment outsourcing services. Incepted in that epoch, CP HR has been the torchbearer in leveraging IT and non-IT connoisseurs with its innovative recruitment solutions and simple, but robust values. And the result has been shining through its happy clients spread over 32 countries. Operated across 16 plus cities in India and eight countries worldwide, the company possesses four main brands to its credit, namely CPHRservices Solutions, CPHRdirect, ThinkTrek Training Solutions and Selfstudyz. The company also offers end-to-end and counseling services to the candidate before getting them the suitable job. Hallmarked by a pleasant blend of global insights and local expertise, which is in fact very scarce to be found in the industry, the company is obsessed with helping enterprises to accelerate their businesses by not only enriching them with a right candidate, but also augmenting the productivity of their overall workforce. As a fastest growing recruitment consultant in the world, CP HR has a proven prowess in proffering end-to-end recruitment solutions that include turnkey projects, Confluence Recruitment Business Outsourcing (CRBO), credentials verification service, HR consulting and corporate training program. Powered by an extensive database and experienced recruiters, these services ensure that their long-practiced processes – job evaluation, data bank search/head hunting, short-listing of best candidatures, interface with the clients, selection & induction of the right personnel – are constant.

The turnkey project program helps organizations to reap in the best and befitting minds to their recently opened offices and roles; and credentials verification service compiles the accurate and true information of the candidates in terms of their identity, educational qualifications, work experience and such others. While CRBO eliminates the tedious, yet indispensable chores of recruitment from the company's systems by outsourcing recruitment services, corporate training program is designed to empower existing employees in teambuilding and personality development.

A Look into the Sublime Success Factors:

"We help our clients capitalize on new and unseen talent-driven opportunities to achieve more than they imagine. We utilize all our resources to make sure that businesses receive the best suited candidate to fill the position, be it for junior level, middle or senior level management," proclaims Mohammed Bawaji, Director, CP HR Services. This long-established excellence stems out from the core values – time, quality, transparency and relationship building – and the seasoned recruiters of CP HR. The same values which also include encouraging employee initiatives have made the vast pool of both qualified associates as well as tech-savvy and industry know-hows to join hands together in enabling the same endeavor of meeting the clients' needs and in pushing CP HR to the pinnacle of success across the continuum of HR and recruitment empires.

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