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Debashis Saha
VP, Commerce Platform Infrastructure-eBay
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Debashis Saha
Creating More Scalable and Efficient Technologies

It's not just about vendors, but technology in general. Most products and services are designed for a much smaller scale. At eBay, we are constantly working to create more scalable and efficient technologies. We are always looking to challenge the limits of our system design and evolve the technologies to respond to rapidly changing business climate.

Our design goals for availability, scalability, and performance are often very different from most enterprises. We also look to build our technologies on commodity hardware and software and in a modular fashion. These are very different principles from what and how traditional software systems have been built and delivered over the years.

Empowering People to Create Opportunity through Commerce

At eBay, we were founded on the principle of empowering people to create opportunity through commerce. We have taken that belief into the technology world, and we are strong believers in collaboration and open source projects. Through our open source projects, we have worked alongside our peers to tackle complex technology challenges by creating new best-in-class solutions and advance the world of technology.

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