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CNS Comnet: A Work Culture Driven by Care & Happiness

si Team
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
si Team
Providing a profound fillip to the country's economy, Indian ITeS-BPO industry has been on a phenomenal growth trajectory over the last few years. However, in tandem with the growth, the companies are often haunted by the challenges of tough competition, global slowdown and scarcity of talents. But, the biggest nightmare that they have to overcome in order to stay ahead in the market is the ever-rising attrition rate, wherein the average attrition rate for the industry is claimed to be 30-40 percent per annum. But with the best 15-18 percent attrition rate per annum, CNS Comnet - one of the leading Business Solutions providers - seems to be riding high on the other end of spectrum. This 11-year old organization enjoys being a hub of a finest blend of around 600 young yet best minds, technical expertise and world-class solutions.

Offering a gamut of services, CNS Comnet operates a scalable and robust technology infrastructure consisting of proprietary and customer developed applications in a completely converged secure global network. To keep them strong and reliable, the company runs stringent quality management procedures and constant compliance assessments, thereby offering highest virtue of customer satisfaction and efficiency. Celebrating the same endeavor, Asia Pacific HRM Congress recently crowned the company for its operational excellence & quality, and recognized for its innovative HR practices.

A Look into the HR Practices

Abiding by the company's oaths - 'I will take genuine care of myself and of all stakeholders of CNS Comnet' and 'I will be happy and it's a choice', CNS Comnet has created a work milieu that exemplifies the proverb 'Practice what you preach'. This is why a CNS employee asserts, "Today was not a good day for me, but as soon as I stepped in office, I felt positive and elated to be a part of the CNS team".

But it all drills down to the cement that binds these oaths. It is essential to know and interact with every pulse of the organization to understand what each employee (or member as the company calls them) will stand for. (Care starts from building a great team (hiring), where CNS is focused on the diversity and the trends of 'working with friends' through referral policies). Initiatives like Know your Colleague (helps know each other better), HR SPOCS (team of individuals who are by and for the people), EVM - Every Voice Matters (new employees can share their views via this medium), and MEET THE MANAGEMENT (members can directly engage with top management) gives additional strength to the relationship.

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