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July - 2011 - issue > CIO Insights

Business drives technology today

Jaya Smitha Menon
Friday, July 1, 2011
Jaya Smitha Menon
Technology and the evolving media industry

Media consumption is moving very quickly from print to digital. Customers consume media more online and on mobile devices than in print. The print circulations today are coming down considerably. We continue to see this move towards consumption of content online and on mobile devices amongst our customer base. We believe that this transition or the trend is permanent and we do not expect it to shift back to print in any significant way. It is very clear that this is the way the customer wants to consume the content we produce.

Key driver for the digital age

Digital media is undergoing a revolution today. Control of what the customer reads is moving away from the publisher to the customers. Customers today want to select the information they read by highlighting their interests, and are no longer happy getting one general package. Earlier, in the print world, most of the content was directed or tailored to some extent to where someone lived, so that everyone who lived in the same neighborhood got the same newspaper. The internet has given the consumer more choice over the content. People have got used to that kind of control and are looking to further tailor the content and shape it as per their interests. This is the primary driver for customers gravitating towards online medium.

Three technology trends shaping up the IT industry

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