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Building & Managing High Performing Teams

Annmol Bhutani, Country HR Manager and Sudhir Tangri, Country Head & VP, Keysight Technologies India
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Annmol Bhutani, Country HR Manager and Sudhir Tangri, Country Head & VP, Keysight Technologies India
Headquartered in California, Keysight is a global leader in manufacturing test and measurement software & equipment that accelerate the deployment of new technologies in the wireless communications, aerospace and defense and semiconductor domains.

Every organization is constantly seeking new ways to ensure that their employees are more productive and their business is more profitable. In spite of creating rigorous strategic plans, many companies don't even come close to delivering the required outcomes. Who should be blamed for this? Employees; Management; Leadership; or the Organization? One needs to realize that the organization's culture, i.e. the way the employees behave and do things in a given scenario differentiates one organization from other. Every organization needs to reflect on whether they have been able to build or promote a high performance culture or teams within the organization. Many organizations fumble when they have to answer this question, and there are quite a few, who conveniently believe that they have a great culture because of their legacy despite the fact that they haven't invested enough to build high performance culture and teams.

Organizations must remember that the team development and effectiveness is in the context of organizations' shared vision, mission, business goals and values. Leadership and management capability must be built across levels so that the team attributes, skills and attitudes can be aligned towards delivering the expected business results and achieving the shared vision.

Hire Smart & Foster Cohesive Teams

The hiring managers and leaders need to select individuals who fit the organization values and are smart i.e. individuals who know what they want to accomplish, are aware of and proactive. The leaders must always aim to build cohesive teams which are balanced and complement each other. By doing so, they ensure that their teams perform well even in adverse situations.

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