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Brands of the Year - 2015

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
Have you ever wondered why organizations are willing to spend millions for a minute of TV commercial? Well, that is a risk they are willing to take to sear their brand name in our minds. Albeit advertising can be done by anyone with disposable income, to establish your brand's prominence in this hyper-connected, social media loving world, you must produce unique and best-of-the-breed solutions for your prospects/clients. However crucial it is to create a unique proposition that keeps you above your rivals, selling it by portraying an apt image in your target audience's heart is equally (probably more) important. This propels you one step closer to your dream of attaining industry leadership.

In today's attention deficit world, your tagline should be strong enough to sell your company to your target audience by clarifying what you are all about. Most importantly, you should keep up that promise to create an emotional connection (akin to trust and loyalty) with your customers. But, it is easier said than done, as it takes ample time, money and above all effort. For 2015's 'Brand of the Year' issue, we have listed those organizations that have mastered this art of branding and proved their brand value to the world.

Scrutinized by a distinguished panel of industry's topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, as well as siliconindia's Editorial board, most of the organizations we have chosen here are the ruler of their realms that need no introduction (unless you are living under a rock). Besides such resilient brands that withstood the test of time with a successful track record, we have also included the rising brands that have enthralled their target customers' minds by blazing a trial for their industry to follow them. We have drilled these brands with a questionnaire encompassing their X factor, brand persona, marketing strategies and the stumbling blocks they have conquered. We hope that this will educate aspiring business magnates to choose the right path and consumers about the right brand to rely on.

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