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Bookmytrainings.com: A unique web portal for Training Seekers

ST Team
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
ST Team
With increasing competition in the field of profession, the thirst for being a perfectionist has augmented. This hunger of perfection leads them to attend professional training sessions, for which the only resort is to use local search engines like JustDial, Asklaila, Sulekha. But these sites focus on a wide variety of topics and getting in-depth information on a certain topic, especially pertaining to professional training events is quiet a challenge. Catering to this immense problem of professionals, three like-minded people, Aruna Balamurugan, L.A. Balamurugan and Manjeet Singh came with a solution, Bookmytrainings.com.

Launched in January 2011, Bangalore-based Bookmytrainings.com provides a platform for training seekers and training providers to come together. The training seekers include individuals as well as corporate learning & development (L&D) managers. The training providers include individual trainers and organizations involved in providing trainings to companies as well as conduct public training programs.

For any given training topic, the portal lists all the upcoming training programs across cities, which include location, training duration, cost, schedule, course content, trainer profile, discounts, benefits and other relevant details pertaining to the training.It provides the training seeker a place to analyze and evaluate the right training program that suits their needs best. Once they zero-in on a training event, they can book one or more seats for the training right through the portal Bookmytrainings.com and avail special discounts.

They currently operate through two sales channels, viz. online retail and direct corporate sales, through which they targets individuals, keen learners and corporate, who want to send their people to public programs as well as conduct in-house training. Under the online retail sales model, one can register online to avail discounts and with the direct sales channel, the sales team of Bookmytrainings.com meet various corporate to help them identify the right program provider, adding as an extension to the existing training procurement of the organization.

The founding team feels that providing such niche information on training programs makes them very different from their competitors. Unlike other websites that just provide information, Bookmytrainings.com caters additional assistance to the training providers. They do follow-up and collection on behalf of the providers, allowing them to focus on other important issues. They even assist in providing information and content to the training speaker through articles and blogs.Co-founder Manjeet Singh says, "We intend to be specialists in providing training information rather than focusing on various other kinds of events, and this is our strength. We hope to create a platform for the training seekers to log on to Bookmytrainings.com for any information on any kind of training."

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