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BlueStar Technology Solutions: Step into an Abode Where Talent is the Showstopper

Kavitha G.
Friday, May 8, 2015
Kavitha G.
Every employee desires to be a part of the environment where their talents are appreciated rather than their academic degrees and where their profession is not a mundane job, but career advancement. It is also part of their dream to boast of a work culture where they can not only master the technologies, but also flourish as a leader and not to mention. Unfortunately, we live in the world where majority of the companies emphasize more on reaping in customers, while only few shine by walking the road less travelled - the road of filling flesh to their inner customers' dreams. A New jersey, U.S. headquartered technology enabler BlueStar Technology Solutions stands as a glorious example for those rare-breeds and it is this ethos which has made the company to stand unruffled through their resource-driven best minds and their holistic cloud strategies which have stirred up a paradigm shift in the industry in its third year already.

BlueStar debuted in the IT domain by foraying into the Big Data space and eventually evolved to embrace cloud, Business Intelligence (BI), e-Commerce and mobility. Run successfully under the esteemed guidance of Murali Murthy, BlueStar has been instrumental in leveraging a finest blend of global industry acumen, consultative approach and technology solutions, thus delivering better agility and flexibility to its clients and enabling a seamless cloud migration of their enterprise platforms. Backed by 18+ years of IT experience of working across roles like developer, Architect and Project Manager at HP, Amdocs and BlueCross organizations, this Managing Partner of BlueStar takes pride not only in filliping the operational efficiencies of mission-critical applications and data centers, but also in handpicking the talents through various channels to build a talent pool that spearheads the change. BlueStar transforms qualified best minds to valuable professionals through their initiative BlueStar Boot Camp, after which these employees are enabled to choose a mentor who will drive their growth from there onwards.

The Success Factors

As a technology solutions provider, BlueStar stresses on standing hand-in-hand with the customers in annihilating their business crunches by understanding them deeply. The amusing part of all is the solutions based company has not failed in implementing the similar strategies within their work ambience, where employees are empowered to master the profession through practicing the cutting-edge pertinent technologies. Anandhan Ramasamy, Cloud Architect from BlueStar, says, "The tools and process that I practice at BlueStar helps me to successfully deliver various cloud architectural solutions that best suits our clients' needs. I am excited to grow my career with BlueStar that provides opportunity for me to constantly learn new technologies and apply them on all my projects". Anandhan's happy thoughts perfectly summarize BlueStar's way of creating a success legacy.

The resource driven company ensures a perfect harmony between the freshers and the experienced professionals, thus encouraging future-proof innovations.With women safety at the helm of their endeavor, the company promises to provide a safe, yet empowering work ambience to them. "Proactively, we promote women not only in technology domain, but across other departments as well. While reactively, we try to emphasize on looking after the co-workers and others' behavior towards women, that can make or break their stature,"proclaims Murali. Growing further, the company not only envisions seizing an organic growth in e-Commerce and mobile technology verticals, but also looks forward to breed up their workforce and expand their operations in India.

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