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Bijlipay mPOS: Bringing European Technology to Indian Merchants for Uninterrupted Digital Payment

Sujith Vasudevan
Thursday, December 15, 2016
Sujith Vasudevan
Hit by demonetization, even the small grocery shops are moving towards digital payment. Chennai based Saravana Store is one of them that mostly has young IT professionals as its clients who prefer to pay by card for all their grocery purchases. But when it came to bottled water bills, the customers didn't have enough cash in hand to settle the bills on delivery. This is when store's owner Senthil Kumar was suggested by his friends to opt for a POS solution, and eventually the hunt for the best suited solution brought him to Bijlipay's mPOS (mobile point-of-sale), which offers merchant on-boarding and enablement of accepting cards within few seconds, unlike other providers who take a week's time to complete the procedures and enable merchants to accept cards. mPOS - a compact handheld device that can be paired with smartphone using Bluetooth, helped Senthil instantly offer the convenience and security of card payments. Implementing this low-cost device, he soon saw his average sales increase by 19 percent and great improvement in cash flow as he didn't lose time collecting money owed. Sales volume grew too as shoppers increased their basket size in the knowledge that they could pay by card.

Quick On-boarding of Merchants

So, how does Bijlipay mPOS enable merchants to accept digital payment within few seconds? Credit goes to Bijlipay's automated onboarding platform - Automatic Merchant Onboarding System (AMS), which instantly enables any merchant to accept cards the moment he submits the required documents. When this exclusive & surprising reduction in process-delay comes to play, in addition to the affordability, small-size & portability, NFC enabled device, and industry best battery life, Bijlipay mPOS becomes an ideal catch for all the merchants who look for card swiping machines at the earliest due to demonetization and the payment troubles it brought in. With comparatively larger battery size and automatic standby mode enablement, the mPOS device bestows much larger number of transactions than any other device.

Being a Secure Solution

Anything digital always had hackers as one of its bigger concerns who have never spared the space over the years. Even the recent months saw Russian cybercriminals challenging the security of POS machines by breaching into more than 330,000 machines across the globe. But for Bijlipay mPOS, security is the supreme feature. Powered by the technology of Europe's leading payments company, Bijlipay's mPOS device is PCI & EMV compliant and employs the strongest encryption algorithms. The device has a unique intelligence of Automatic 'SafeShield' using which it senses any forced intrusion through excessive temperature, charge or pressure, and locks the device, thereby safeguarding the device from any misuse. Also, Bijlipay device ID is uniquely paired with specific customer's credentials and hence it becomes impossible to initiate transactions from unauthorized sources.

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