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Big Data, Cloud & Indian Telecom Industry

Debasis Chatterji, CEO, Netxcell Limited
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Debasis Chatterji, CEO, Netxcell Limited
Founded in 2000, Netxcell Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified application services provider company catering to telecom domain.

Indian telecom industry has crossed two decades post privatization of this sector. Since then a lot of innovation, consolidation and maturation have happened in the industry and today we have about twelve major mobile telecom operators operating in India. Presently, the total revenue of telcos is about Rs. 1.8 trillion with a burden of Rs. 2.5 trillion debts with a dwindling voice and SMS revenue. This is happening due to severe tariff competition in case of voice and SMS revenue is declining due to advent of new instant messaging applications etc.

The only stabilizing factor for telcos is revenues from Data provisioning. Data provisioning and activations include managing huge amount of consumer data and keeping it confidential. Data analytics thereby is gaining momentum in the telecom industry for customer retention and predicting customer behavior. The big data market in India, which presents a huge market opportunity for the IT services and analytics firms, will grow to $1 billion in 2015 and the global 'Big Data' market opportunity is estimated to grow at 45 per cent annually to reach $25 billion by 2015, according to a report launched by IT industry body Nasscom and Crisil.

Indian enterprises are experiencing considerable technology transformation across infrastructure, applications and end-user computing. This is due to proliferation of newer devices like smartphones and tablets, increasing enterprise IT adoption, implementation of Government projects of considerable size, such as UIDAI and National Knowledge Network. Rapid adoption of wireless broadband and increasing use of online retail, travel and banking will keep the big data market moving. Over the next decade, digital information in India will grow from 40,000 petabytes of data to 2.3 million petabytes, twice as fast as the worldwide rate. With 900 million+ mobile connections, 100 million+ active mobile data users and increasing number of connected devices, consumer and enterprise data will grow exponentially.

Today about 80 percent of organizations are in the early stages of big data initiatives and 60 percent are still at the "exploratory stage" of evolution. Concerns relating to availability of skillsets, low levels of technology awareness and lack of management sponsorship are limiting big data adoption in India. 75 percent of organizations are confident of driving new revenue streams using big data. However, only 35 percent plan to invest in building big data capabilities related to analytics, security software and real-time applications; as per E&Y survey in 2013.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:Excellent foresighted article with great insights of next generations
Posted by: SAI VENKATESH ATTALURI - 29th Oct 2014
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