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April - 2011 - issue > Buyer's Perspective

Betting High on the Enterprise Software Market

ST Team
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
ST Team
The enterprise market in India is seeing a pivotal rise. The estimated growth for ERP, CRM and SCM solutions are expected to grow by 23-25 percent between 2013 and 2015. With opportunities galore, CDC Software hopes to strike right and capture a chunk of this pie. In a candid conversation with SmartTechie, Nagaraja Prakasam, MD, CDC Software India talks about company’s plan of action.

How is CDC Software positioned in India?
CDC Software India is the company’s biggest development center across the globe and with 75 percent of development work happening from here. At 250 strong workforce, a lot of innovation in the company’s product portfolio has been happening from the India center. These innovations majorly find their way in the US and other developed markets but many of our products are now paving in roads to Indian market. The prime focus in India has been the ‘Pivotal CRM’ offering since past seven years. 90 percent of the 6.0 version of Pivotal was being developed in India and taking it ahead, the next version would be 100 percent made in India. CDC Software wants India to be a profit centre from presently a cost centre. There is a big evolution in the customer services landscape across enterprises, as customers desire to provide more customer services and gain a competitive edge through CRM. The enterprise class feature set of CRM is expensive, but we provide enterprise class products at affordable points for verticals like FSI, Government. Other key focused offerings include Ross Enterprise –a suite of ERP for process manufacturers and CDC factory.

Which are the major areas of interest for CDC Software?
For CDC, the prime verticals of interest are those where governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) plays a major role. Hence, F&B (food and beverage) is the largest market globally since With FDA in the US and similar regulatory bodies in European countries keep a strict vigilance in terms of quality of food materials being imported into their country. Apart from this, process manufacturing which includes life sciences and steel and natural products, is the second largest market. Finally it is the BFSI sector which also sees GRC playing an important role.

What are the challenges when venturing into Indian markets?
In India the major challenge we find is the lack of stringent regulations. For example, in case of F&B there is not a standard regulatory body that keeps a vigilant eye on vendors, manufacturing units, retail chains and others. In such a case, when an emergency strikes, recall of a particular brand/batch of products is quiet a chaotic process. Hence, currently, we are in the process of evangelizing large retail chains and corporate houses in this sector about the advantages of deploying an ERP/CRM solution like ours. Secondly, the turn around rate of customers is quiet delayed here. A potential client may understand the benefits of deploying an ERP solution but there continues to be a lack of urgency amongst them. But this is a case majorly in the F&B segment.

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