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Believing in the India story

Sarv Saravanan
Monday, October 1, 2007
Sarv Saravanan
Don’t try to control anything. The more you try to control something, the less you will have. Connect whatever you do to the larger purpose. Develop influence rather than control. That’s when people will rally around you. Leadership is not about position of power, but about the actions that you drive.

Leadership, as I see it
Leadership is about articulating a strategy and figuring out how to achieve it. It’s not enough to just have a strategy and a vision that is 5000 feet from the ground. You really need to make it happen on the ground. The entire team needs to be directionally aligned to the common goal and work towards achieving it together.

Leadership to me is:
* Consultative and participative: Empowering people to think innovatively and take risks and decisions. Encouraging innovation. Working as a team.
* Providing the right infrastructure, promoting younger leaders to take leadership roles, giving them freedom and allowing them to grow individually.
* Impressing upon people that you can grow and develop along the technical path. You don’t have to be in the management always. EMC is an ideal example of senior directors who are on the company’s board and directing product development.
* Not molding people in their own styles. All successful people do not necessarily have the same characteristics. I encourage and actively bring in people with diverse styles.

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