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Behind 10-Digits, It’s You

Priyam Bose, ‎Director & Head, Worldwide Developer Relations, Truecaller
Monday, November 14, 2016
Priyam Bose, ‎Director & Head, Worldwide Developer Relations, Truecaller
Headquartered in Gurgaon, Truecaller acts as the leading search technology entity that’s transforms the phonebook with a set of intelligent and useful services.

Mobile phone is undoubtedly becoming the daily lifeline tool for the masses in India. Country’s mobile phone subscriber base crested the 1 billion user mark, as per the recent data released by TRAI. Fueled by computing power, in-hand connected experience powered by affordability and sachet based data costs, these smart devices are offering more tooth brush utilities to be used by first linking Indian users to their digital identities.

The assumption is that you already have a digital identity, or you are expected to create and use one. No matter how steep the learning curve is. Going by a recent industry report projection by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), India should have well over 371 million users accessing internet through smartphones, and many more to come. This means, if you have data on your phone you are connected to the world of internet, and if you are connected you have a digital identity. Flip this to data connectivity on these smartphones which, more often than not is activated through your phone number, this makes your 10-digit phone number your identity. Even before when you take your first voice subscription on your phone, it starts and ends with your phone number. But can your 10-digit phone number based identity become your defacto mobile identity and become a gateway to all your digital or mobile services and apps which you use or would use on the smartphone?
Exciting to know, this journey has already begun and it is accelerating.

Mobile Identity and Consumers

It’s important to realize that the concept of using your phone number as your identity is not something new. Notice next time when you order a pizza, for instance. It’s your number that leads your identity while name comes after. Likewise, when you are booking a doctor’s appointment or recharging your phone subscription and many such daily use cases. This is only because your phone number is unique and represents no one else, but you.

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