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Automation, Connectivity and Interoperability: The Need Of The Hour

Sohail Parekh
Executive Vice President-Engineering -Infoblox
Friday, May 31, 2013
Sohail Parekh
Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX) delivers essential technology to help customers control their networks through enterprise network infrastructure automation software and hardware. Headquartered in Santa Clara, the company has a current market capital of $1.01 billion.

The rigorous change in technology has initiated a parallel need of updated infrastructure. Several trends are evolving within the industry making it a need to keep oneself rationalized. This has not only inclined me to spend considerable amount of time investigating new technologies, trends and adjacent markets but also work closely with the VP of Strategy to help define the product strategy.

Trends Bringing Shift

Technology is trying to address a new need each day. There are several trends shaping the industry, but the major three are Next Generation Datacenters, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Real-time Analytics.

New advancements such as virtualization, cloud and BYOD are putting enormous strain on today’s brittle network infrastructure. To keep up with computing needs, next-generation data centers must become highly virtualized and require a high degree of application, server and network virtualization. Today, many IT departments are plagued with time-intensive, manual and costly processes, which simply cannot scale to meet increasing demand. To solve this problem, a very high degree of automation, connectivity and interoperability is needed, and there lies the big opportunity.

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