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Automation – A Panacea for all Testing Problems’

Bhanu Prakash B G
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Bhanu Prakash B G
A common belief which runs across organizations adopting test automation tools and methodologies for achieving cost benefits and better quality assurance activities. With the current dynamic business landscape forcing organizations to look towards adopting faster and better testing methodologies, which guarantee better return on investment; test automation is a key step, which enables those to move towards a mature level of quality assurance. Studies indicate a saving of over 50 percent in time and effort through carrying out a wellplanned test automation activity.

However, test automation is not a silver bullet. Statistics indicate that 63 percent of test automation projects fail due to multitude of factors ranging from lack of proper understanding of automation needs, improper evaluation of applications for automation suitability; to incorrect tool selection process, improper generation of automation scripts and test execution. It is a well known fact that an error undetected during earlier stages of development has an exponential impact in terms of correction costs towards later stages – making it all the more necessary to have robust automated testing mechanisms to detect errors during earlier stages.

Through automation, organizations look towards increasing their test coverage, reducing time and effort for carrying out test execution through reusability of scripts and repeatability across project test cycles. Although test automation can help you achieve all this and more, the underlying criterion is for an automation strategy that best fits the requirements of your organization. How would you like a solution that evaluates the maturity of your automation processes and chalks out a roadmap that puts you on the path to achieving the business objectives that you have envisaged?

Momentum Test Automation Maturity Assessment from Collabera
Momentum Test Automation Maturity Assessment helps bridge the gap between your current state of test automation and the desired state. It provides you an understanding of what level of test automation maturity you are at and what it takes for you to move onto the more desired levels. It evaluates your automation processes, identifies the existing gaps, evaluates the automation tools and their mapping onto your applications and provides an estimate of the cost benefits. It goes a step further by carrying out a proof of concept (POC) exercise to understand the ideal tool and framework mix which can be used to automate testing of your applications.

The maturity levels range across Stage 1 – Entry: testing done on a manual basis with minimal tools (mainly open source without due diligence)

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