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Auisy Technologies: Increasing Market Share through Innovative Methodologies

Sudhakar Singh
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Sudhakar Singh
India is transforming into a world IT hub and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is playing a major role in growth of small and medium size industries apart from contributing largely to the big business enterprises. Auisy Technologies, a startup founded in 2012, is giving good competition to the established players of the segment by streamlining the functionality and technicality of a software solution through its ERP implementations. The company believes in using automation and integration approach to deliver process oriented and customized solutions for clients. Auisy service areas include Application Support and Development, Application portfolio management, Testing, Major and Minor Enhancements, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing.

Auisy Technologies, headquartered in Pune, was started in June 2012 by Shrikant Garud as a product development / management consulting, IT consulting firm specializing in the enterprise resource planning (Tier I, Tier II, Tier III & Cloud) in Oracle, SAP & Microsoft Dynamics. This further transcends to a plethora of services ranging from the advisory, selection, evaluation, implementation and support of ERP. The company also provides analysis and execution for upgrade / reimplementation. They further have pre developed the most complex reports with desired output formats. Auisy provide support consisting of full enhancement, stabilization as well as value added services, atomization, advisory, standards, risk & compliance, workloads and efficacy. Lastly the enterprise also provides IT staffing as well as staff augmentation.

The current team size of the company is 32 and deals with more than 25 clients. The goal of the company is to provide automated and structured services as per the customer needs with latest innovative technologies and ERP system. Auisy\'s major footage is on financial services and other than financial services they deal with manufacture industries and insurance based companies. The company uses ERP implementation and Support, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Application portfolio management to cater to diverse group of clients. Auisy Technologies on a broader aspect also has expertise and pre build components for Automated ERP Period Closures, New Schedule 6, Atomization in ERP (Financials, SMC, HCM), Stabilization in ERP (Financials, SMC, HCM), Road Map for International financial reporting systems in ERP; XBRL, IFRS in ERP, Financial, Manufacturing, HCM Rectifications, New M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), Multi Operation Controls, Global Inter Company Systems, Global Consolidation Systems, Security Policies with (Risk and Frauds).

Carving a Niche

The major differentiating factor for the company is its unique approach in building an integrated team. They create a complete structure behind the person heading the customer and invest on entire company for the technology instead of investing on single person working for the customer. For better customer interaction the company has remote spots, automation team and different teams for every technology aspect. It consists of a huge team which can support and understand process engineering with core knowledge people as process guides. The team of Auisy has skills to handle customer in their understandable language and clear the process and technology gap between the customers. Auisy also uses PMI, ITIL and PRINCE2 standards for delivering and supporting its projects depending on the client's requirement.

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