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Are We Living In A Material World?

Amit Bansal
President-Corning India Technologies
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Amit Bansal
Material Science may not be a layman's term but do you know today's modern society uses it in almost all forms? From lightweight composites for faster vehicles, or optical fibres for telecommunications to concrete that makes the building you live in; all these are products of material sciences. Any new innovation that has a positive impact on our lives today is a result of material sciences.

So let us understand what exactly is Material Science?

Material science is a broad field of study exploring the vast potential of solid matter in a boundless array of applications. The creativity, curiosity, technical knowledge, and persistence of material scientists has resulted in more life-changing innovations than most of us can imagine. Powerful semiconductors, artificial joints, housing to withstand the stormiest weather - all these are the innovative works of materials scientists and their teams in the lab.

How materials have transformed society and culture?

Throughout history, materials have transformed society and culture. There was the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. This is the Glass Age. Where information moves at the speed of light! Where devices are as sophisticated as they are beautiful! Where every day surfaces provide extraordinary benefits! Engineers, architects, artists, scientists, and more are using glass to achieve the impossible.

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