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Application Developer and Network Performance Woes

Anil Pochiraju
Monday, January 2, 2012
Anil Pochiraju
The life of an application developer is an interesting one. They take in business requirements and try to carve out a program that will do everything that the business wants it to, and some more. While there may be the hardware promising the performance that the business requires but it’s the application that forms the heart of a business process enabled by IT.

However requirements are as dynamic as the business is and therefore more often than not the developer is looking at re-writing the code or adding new functionalities to the application. Add to that noose-tightening deadlines and the developer is left with very little time to perfect his creation. There is no point in time, wherein the application is complete or perfect, as 10 different users would want to use it, make their own suggestions and want those suggestions to be incorporated.

No matter how unhappy users can be, fixing that nagging bug you’ve been chasing for hours is a rush, and starting with a blank source code file is like looking across a wide-open plain. You can see what might be, and you get to go figure out how to do it.

Therefore developers spend a lot of time working and re-working on these applications to tweak them to best meet the requirements. However with the world increasingly going the Web application way, application performance of a web application is a problem that is just adding to the application developer woes.

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