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Android Camp 2011: Throwing Light on New Arenas of Android

Divya Srinivasa
Thursday, August 4, 2011
Divya Srinivasa
The Android Conference 2011, organized by SiliconIndia exceeded expectations as the symposium gathered top flight developers and industry professionals across the Android spectrum for one day of networking and open discussions.

The speakers lined were hands-on experts with real-world apps experience who knew what it takes to succeed in the mobile marketplace, and at Android conference they shared their knowledge, insights and best practices to make this the best platform for android lovers.

The sessions brought together the leading minds of the Android field. The infotaining sessions reflected the knowledge and expertise of the speakers, who kept the knowledge hungry audience engaged throughout the day.

The android conference kick-started with a session on ‘What I Wish I Knew When I’d started!’ by Rakesh Verma, Director, Nav Innovations, who focused on the beginners, and incepted the fundamentals of Android.

Gururaj Krishnarao Parvati, Technical Director & Product Manager from Mindtree took on the rather controversial topic of ‘Android pitfalls’ and delivered his points to perfection. His session established the fact that android still has a long way to go if it wishes to be counted outside of the phone market, and it cannot afford to be complacent. He spoke on issues not often spoken about, like the malwares, the difficulty of updating the android process, and more. His session drew instantaneous applause, as did Preetham’s.

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