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Analyttica: A Blend of Business, Analytics & Technology

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
While technology can access, store, and compute data that comes in different formats, speeds and much higher volumes, the need for professionals with deep analytical talent to harness this data and create substantial business impact is more exacerbating than before. Along with proficiency in the analytical continuum from very basics to highly advanced, an organization also needs deep knowledge of business domain to create significant incremental impact. Founded as a balance between the 3 dimensions of Business, Analytics, and Technology is Analyttica, a startup providing end-to-end analytical solutions, as well as the creation of the world's first advanced analytics simulation-based gamified training and learning platform (Patent Pending) that can enable organizations and individuals to learn and create solutions to real life business challenges. Analyttica was founded by Rajeev Baphna, former Senior Director in Citigroup, where he built and managed global analytical centers and delivered robust business impact across 25+ markets.

Rajeev's reputation, credibility and business knowledge not only enabled him to engage the previous business relationships with senior executives into a substantial and growing client base, but also helped in assimilating rare talent ranging from data-scientists who have worked in the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle to IISc, IIM and IIT alumnus and PhDs, across more than 300+ publications and patents. With 25+ years of global experience in analytics and financial services, Rajeev is enabling key business pain points to build appropriate solutions that can create incremental business impact across the customer life cycle. His past experience as a CFO for $10+ billion global financial services portfolio served invaluable in orienting a strong business linkage to these solutions, supplemented by his engineering, manufacturing, and services background. "We spent decades strategizing various frameworks along the customer life-cycle of Acquire/Engage/Retain that are now transformed into solutions and platforms which can be driven analytically to enable profitable business growth that goes deep into customer satisfaction and loyalty," says Rajeev Baphna, Founder, CEO & MD.

Analyttica's solutions and forte of knowledge immersion addresses a major current business challenge - global applied analytics talent "scarcity". By dedicating more than 10 man-years in R&D, Analyttica has created a proprietary solution TreasureHunt�; a virtual simulator with real life data, that can train, incent, and help solve deep business challenges through the application of analytics, technology, and data. The gamified learning platform hones and sharpens analysts' reflections by exposing them to unpredictable conditions in advanced analytical applications.

TreasureHunt� already is in extensive pilot and roll-out stages with clients on-board including top financial services MNCs across U.S. and Europe. The company is also in discussion with specific other verticals like retail and healthcare. Analyttica's cost-effective solutions embedded with in-built audit and governance capabilities are being quickly absorbed by companies, large and small. Its focus on "institutionalization of knowledge" has enabled the creation of knowledge management solutions that enables organizations to be less affected by talent attrition, as well as leverage of already created solutions from one market/function to another. Dynamic collaborative capabilities are expected to solve the real business pain points of working across multiple geographies for global organizations.

Analyttica's current focus is global scale-up, and seeks investors/alliances to develop & roll-out faster. It hopes to double the strength of experienced talent on board in the next few months, and also substantiate its first mover advantage. Analyttica prides itself in its internal open culture, integrity, & strong reputation in global markets.
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