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Analytic Edge: Providing Customized Market & Customer Analytic Tools for Every Business

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Most analytical companies provide pre-made solutions as a power point presentation to help their clients to make decisions and walk away. But these off-the-shelf solutions fail to add value and end up in trash in few weeks of trail as every company is different and requires unique customized solutions. To change the scenario; Analytic Edge, an advanced analytics company, leverages the right blend of futuristic technology & analytics to show their clients a whole new world of technology-based real-time decision making. The Bangalore based company that adds tremendous value to their clients was co-founded by Dr. Santosh Nair and Vijay Ramaswamy who strongly believe 'Client Knows Best' (listen to the clients), and walking the talk by being with the customer in every step.

Since Santosh believes 'No one knows their company better than themselves', Analytic Edge involves clients in the significant data and analysis stages. They don't hesitate to start afresh and try different techniques to provide sharper insights that enable their clients to make better decisions. While offering significant solutions for data management & reporting, digital analytics and advanced statistical modeling, they have flabbergasted many clients across the globe with their expertise in marketing and customer analytics. Rather than hiring expensive vendors and using expensive softwares, the pay-per-use tool Decision Drivers EDGETM, a cloud-based marketing analytics product, enables their clients to help themselves with a little knowledge of statistics.

Various issues like data security, privacy and cost cutting have forced organizations and individuals to take analytics home. Analytic Edge creates customized tools and products for each client without pinching their pockets. Apart from this self service format, Analytic Edge also helps clients to service the user-friendly product offers across various verticals including consumer packaged goods, retail, telecom, hospitality and education services. The company is empowering organizations by evangelizing analytics into newer domains. For instance, Analytic Edge enabled a U.S. non-profit organization to acquire more funds by presenting a robust efficacy analysis.

The flat-hierarchy of the company enables their employees to think outside-the-box while empowering them to make critical decisions themselves. "We are fortunate to have a wonderful team, who are passionate and dedicated; the team makes up the culture of the company" says Santosh Nair, Founder & Managing Director, Analytic Edge. With such proficient minds working for the company, Analytic Edge has established their office in New Jersey as well. The two offices are engaged in providing in-house built marketing and customer analytic tools and services across verticals including FMCG, retail, telecom and education sector.

Not untouched by the emerging cloud technology, Analytic Edge has already launched their marketing analytics suit over cloud and will soon have the customer analytic suit built on it which will follow with tools on forecasting and digital & social media effectiveness helping customers to curtail the burning cost question. "The major road map for our organization is to enter into sectors where analytics have not been evangelized so far by taking it to tier II, III and IV companies namely in verticals of NGO, education and healthcare as they cannot afford the high priced services of big providers," concludes Santosh.
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