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Altacit Global: Rendering Credible, Transparent & Authentic Legal Solutions

Kavitha G.
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Kavitha G.
The rapidly changing economic and industrial scenarios have led the legal industry to annex more impetus over the years. Along with the increase in the number of law firms and legal consultants, there is also a steep increase in the expectation level of the people. While some law firms succeed in fulfilling only a part of their demands, some go beyond the expected barrier and deliver a complete suite of head-on legal solutions, thus annihilating the major concerns, be it IP-oriented or other legal botherations. Altacit Global, a Chennai headquartered boutique Legal Firm is one such organization which has been addressing the needs of the industry with its spectrum of legal, corporate and IP services.

Founded in 2003, Altacit Global offers an amalgamation of rich experience and proven expertise in rendering corporate laws and intellectual property services. It advises and works with clients in help them extract the potent value of their intellectual capital portfolio. Their array of IP services cover protection, advisory, litigation and developmental solutions. With a network of around 120 associate lawyers around the world, the firm is in a position to address the international legal needs of clients, across the globe. Powered by high ethical and legal standards, the practices of Altacit restructured into various internal departments which are led by respective department heads. In addition to the IP and corporate law solutions, the ISO 9001:2008 certified brand has also secured a prominent name in the domain of real estate law and franchising.

Like any other law firm, Altacit also endured the generic risks of getting the right people and undergoing the tedious system compliance. But unlike others, the firm managed to emerge from them soon and successfully established itself as an opt counsel for all legal services. Hailing from a rich background where practicality and structured approach are given uttermost importance, the founder of the firm, Dr. Sudhir Ravindran implanted structured, delivery oriented and IT quality-driven systems and processes at Altacit Global. The company also brings out relevant publications periodically which are backed by robust research and training, thus informing, educating and creating further awareness.

While the organization focuses mainly on disciplined and time-bounded results, it also has laid out a very flexible work culture for its crew. "Almost 70 percent of the staff who work are women staff. So there is a great level of flexibility in work timings for the staff. Besides, they can also opt to work from home, if necessary," explains Dr. Sudhir Raja Ravindran, Attorney-at-Law, Altacit Global. The firm which started with just three people on its board, today has outgrown into an organization which is 35 people strong. With its offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Coimbatore, the ISO registered firm looks forward to expand its wings across the state of AndhraPradesh and Kerala. Focusing mainly on southern realm of the country, the firm envisions being a very professionally run law firm that offers international legal service from India by fostering continuous learning training, expanding to new places, adopting & practicing industry's best.

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