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June - 2012 - issue > View Point

Aligning people's mind with Business Goals

Aravind Ponniraivan
Head-delivery Operations -Maveric Systems
Monday, June 4, 2012
Aravind Ponniraivan
Maverick Systems founded in 2000, is an independent software testing company which has end to end testing capabilities covering test process consulting, managed testing services, security testing, transformation testing and testing program management. Their clients include some of the big names in the banking and financial sector, insurance companies, software product companies, governments and system integrators.

In a candid chat with Aravind Ponniraivan, Head-delivery Operations, Maveric Systems talks about the current trends following the industry. Aravind talks about the various aspects he advocates to his employee’s satisfaction and what practices a company needs to improvise in order to witness the success rate Maveric Systems has been achieving.

Progression observed in the industry

Indian IT industry has been witnessing high volatility, mainly due to economic uncertainties. Right talent acquisition and retention has been in the fore-front of focus to encounter these challenges. The industry, in the last few years has been experimenting with acquiring a diversified talent pool as against a traditional practice of breeding talent within the industry. Business domain specialization has gained more importance and made veterans in the respective domain more valuable than ever before to have a second career in IT.

Quicker turn-around time in developing leadership and tapping talent as early as in the first year of college are the other trends that is currently witnessed to beat the profitability battle and stay ahead of the competition.

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