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Adrenalin Launches Human Interactive Technology, Zolog

Roshna Sankar
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Roshna Sankar
Adrenalin eSystems (AeSys) has introduced their latest version of Human Capital Alignment Solution, Adrenalin 4.0 and application framework Zolog.

Zolog is a new age application framework that enables the users to complete transactions with the least possible clicks with increased efficiency. Available both as SaaS and on-premise, Zolog automates all processes of human resource management. Since it is a new deployment as a productivity tool, the company would provide training for product and its implementation.

Zolog follows the concept of ‘0’ inertia, which refers to the elimination of user inertia associated with navigating multiple forms for various transactions or filling up many fields in a form. With access to the business data, users can organize outputs the way they like to see it and it is programmed to complete any transaction within 30 seconds. It allows users to execute and plan their work better and get more things done in a shorter time span.

“Zolog is a revolutionary tool that allows users to work smarter and faster, augmenting their intelligence and functioning,” says Balaji Ganesh, CEO and Managing Director, Adrenalin.
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