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September - 2015 - Special issue > 20 Most Promising e-Commerce Companies

Adda52.com: A Perfect Destination for Poker Real Cash Tournaments

si Team
Monday, September 21, 2015
si Team
Games of skill are considered as the most alluring elements which provide a platform to explore one's own capabilities. With the advent of computer applications, it will also not be an exaggeration to say that platform gained a higher stature of impetus. But, game development companies soon realized that multi-player games are more intriguing compared to computer-player games, where the master of the art is already chosen, who is none, but the system. The companies were born out of a single objective to give the game fanatics a real-time competitive force.
However, while foreign companies explored the games’ potential to make these games of skill more engaging beyond belief, Indian companies lagged behind the art of providing the bliss of multi-player real time action games. Founded with a mission to break the long-established norm, Gaussian Networks Private Limited, India’s leading online gaming portal of today, pioneered a revolutionary concept of Poker website in India with real cash tournaments. As a third largest gaming company (by revenue) and the largest poker company including freemium models in India, the platform endeavored to change the face of the card games market which was heavily skewed towards a single game touted Rummy. It also has been instrumental in providing international-standard gaming experience with a flavor of Indian quotient through two of its subsidiaries, Adda52.com (a poker-oriented portal) & Adda52rummy.com.

Bringing Game Aficionados to the Fore
Gaussian firmly believes that by introducing more multi-player real time action games focused at Indian markets, one can create an enhanced gaming experience. And Gaussian’s Poker game is one of the pioneers in this segment. Hosted on Adda52.com, Poker is an HTML5-based gaming software that abides by the belief and brings the country’s poker aficionados together to enrich a bliss of real cash poker on tables. Recently migrated from flex-based UI to HTML5-based UI, the open-sourced development is driven by the HTML5-based poker web client that offers a world-class UI to the players, while it also possesses an affinity to combat the network disconnection or jitters.

Donning the cap of being one of the first Indian multi-player online products, that is backed with the technology of SmartFox, the software leveraged the stable architecture for the gaming domain and brought a myriad features to the fore. Embedded with dexterity to easily integrate with major online web and mobile technologies, the SmartFox technology has propelled the product to embrace ‘Build Once Use on Multiple Platforms’ model, alleviating the intricacies of Adda52.com’s Flash-based poker web client software. The tournament is classified into four categories namely Fixed Prize, Minimum Guarantee, Variable Prize and Bounty tournaments, while the product also owns a non-tournament poker game named Ring Game. In addition, the players can also avail the options of late registration and banking. However, players should note that if they win real chips of worth 10,000 or more in a tournament, then they have to provide their PAN number and the tax is deducted accordingly.

En route, the company is planning to power its prospective gamut of hybrid apps and software with its existing code base and products, which in turn make them accessible on desktops and Macs. “Today, the software can already be counted among the world’s best software for online poker. We plan to add several more features and game variants such as OFC to capture the numero uno position in terms of the software capability going forward,” proclaims Anuj Gupta, Founder, Gaussian Networks.

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