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June - 2010 - issue > Tech Product

Adam Tablet PC to hit Indian Market Soon

Pragyan Acharya
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Pragyan Acharya
A 770 gram device featuring 32GB data storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, 48 hours of standby battery, a 3-megapixel digital camera with auto focus, and video recording, the Adam Tablet PC is a revolution in the highly competitive market of tech products. The Adam will be available for less than Rs 14,000 ($300) in India. Its battery life is double, compared to that of Apple iPad. Adam Tablet PC comes with ten inch transflective LCD, 180 degree 3.2 megapixel swivel camera, dual-core ARM CORTEX -A9 MPCORE processor, full high definition multimedia, longer battery life, dual display, e-book client, 3G, Wi-Fi connectivity, and multi-touch support. Adam device also supports almost all the formats of e-books, which is beneficial to the readers as they can read comfortably in bright light; and it looks more stylish when it is seen in the sunlight. The best part is that Adam will come with Chromium, Android, or Ubuntu operating system. This means that the source code of Adam will be made available to allow a free hand to developers to make their own customizations to the OS. It was scheduled to be released to the market in June, but unfortunately it may be delayed as they are presently working on the Flash support.

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