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Achieve success through creative visualization

Banumathy Duraiswamy
Monday, October 1, 2007
Banumathy Duraiswamy
Professional athletes visualize success before it actually materializes—one can do the same in his or her own profession. This is called autosuggestion in psychology.

In support of using such creative visualization to overcome obstacles, recent medical studies have shown that a great deal of problem-solving activity actually takes place at a subconscious level. If you ever had a chance to read any motivational books, you might have observed that they always insist on people to run their desires by ‘Mental Movies’. Mental movies are visions of success constantly visualized before they are actually achieved.

A mental movie drives us towards our goal eventually leading us to success. Most of us might have experienced such instances in our life very frequently. If you would like to wake up early in the morning (say 4 O’clock) to catch the flight or train or study for the exam, apart from keeping an alarm we make repeated resolutions to wake up at that time. What is the result? We would be awake before the alarm rings. How is that possible? We write this message in our sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind never sleeps and that is the one which drives everything.

Running a mental movie is nothing but visualizing your success in your sub-conscious mind. Each one of us might have done this in one way or the other. In our childhood days we might have run a mental movie of a particular gift from our father on the occasion of our birthday and that would have come true.

I would like to mention here that by creative visualization not only we can visualize success and overcome all the obstacles, but with the right tools we can also tap into those hidden problem-solving reserves.

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