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Accord: An Endeavor where Professional Growth Integrates with Contentment

Brinda Das
Friday, June 26, 2015
Brinda Das
Accord Software & Systems is one of the country's foremost integrated systems and software solutions company with specialization in core electronics design & development. Founded in 1991 in Bangalore, the company is involved in the facets of Digital Signal Processing, Global Positioning System, and Avionics Software. Accord engineers are engaged in design and development of RF, digital hardware, analog hardware, FPGA software, embedded software and a wide range of other embedded technologies. Recognized as an R&D organization by the Indian Government, company's engineers have authored many U.S. patents and published more than 100 technical papers in reputed periodicals and symposiums. Accord has also been accredited by honorable Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi, for their contribution to Indian defense.

Striving Always to Have a Connoisseur's Mind

An unwavering company with sturdy growth over the past 23 years, the triumph of the company is driven by the employees and their dedication to get results the right way by accomplishing accountability, brilliance, innovation and also by grasping fresh prospects for lucrative augmentation. The 400+ Accordians (employees) at Accord enjoy an informal work environment and openAccord Software & Systems is one of the country's foremost integrated systems and software solutions company door policy. Ideas and opinions are shared at all times within the organization in every potential form where the members have the liberty to walk up to the managers to discuss various issues of concern whenever the need arises. "The key to Accord's success is the mutual trust between its management and employees. This has resulted in retaining the experienced talents who have committed their careers with Accord. Also the company has never lost its maniac focus in the areas that it once believed will pursue its business goals. This has helped us to come out with new products, services and innovative business strategies in these areas," Murali Krishna S, VP (GNSS & Microelectronics), 22 years+ at Accord.

"Our culture is expressed in the Values that embody our core ideology and defines who we are. Our Values are based on the foundation of unyielding integrity and act as a compass to guide our thoughts and actions," asserts Raghavendra Shenoy Manur, CEO, Accord.

Glorifying the Pledge

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