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Access Web on Low-end Phones, Thanks to the New Technology 'SiteonMobile'

SI Team
Tuesday, August 3, 2010
SI Team
With more and more mobile phones being released on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, it is high time to load the phones with the maximum of features possible. ‘SiteonMobile’, designed by HP Labs India, is one such application that makes Web content and services available even to the lower end mobile phones. It allows Web access via SMS and voice services, in place of the webpage-based browsing method.

Sudhir Dixit, Director, HP Labs India, talking about the new technology says, “About 54 percent of the phones sold in India are ultra-low-end and less than three percent are Internet enabled. There is a strong need to deliver the value of Internet experiences on low-end devices used by users in emerging markets like India.”

The ‘SiteonMobile’ technology equips portal owners to design mobile applications. It also includes a solution for rapid creation of mobile applications. In India, more than 50 percent of the phones sold are in the ultra low-end range and less than three percent are Internet-enabled. Users of these low-end mobiles also have a penchant for having Internet experience in their phones. This is where a technology like ‘SiteonMobile’ can play a very crucial role in reaching these customers.

It also allows website owners to define specific tasks on their websites. This means that customers can check status of an order, request for cab service, or book an appointment with the doctor with the help of this application.

“We are ready with the portal-based solution where website owners can create TaskLets for the services. We received positive response from select businesses that we approached to partner with us. They not only agreed to use our platform, but also offered to enhance their Web portals to offer services they wished to make available through mobile phones but hadn’t been able to invest the time, money, and resources for it so far,” Dixit adds.

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