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March - 2015 - Special issue > 20 Most Promising Web Design & Development Companies

Ably Soft: Delivering Cost-Effective Web Development Solutions to SMEs across the World

Kanak Prabha
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Kanak Prabha
Web development has taken the world by storm and has become one of the most competitive industries to be a part of. Global landscape of web development is more of a mature market and today, platforms based on marketplace models are in great demand. On the other hand, the maturing domestic web market is highly promising, which has mostly witnessed online ventures in e-Commerce and Analytics, and upholds huge potential until we run out of ideas. While big web development companies happily deal with large corporations, there are no globally established web development names to cater to small and medium businesses. Incorporated with an endeavor to understand the broader scope of web development and provide services to SMEs, Ably Soft Pvt. Ltd. – a web design and development services company – is committed to give web advantage to its clients. The proliferating success stories have also invoked Ably Soft to add more customized solutions to its services portfolio that are crafted to cater startups and serial entrepreneurs.

FATbit, company's key design/development brand, has created websites and web based solutions for established global brands. One of the prominent differentiating factors of Ably Soft is their mission to 'Educate First'. Under this approach, the team of web experts helps clients pick the right technology for their project before starting development work. Delving deep into the clients' needs and requirements, the company recommends and implements cost-effective solutions that drastically improve top and bottom line.

Embedded with zeal to position Ably Soft as a leading provider in all the areas of its expertise, the company's highly experienced team of developers helps small businesses and global brands launch e-Commerce websites which generates higher sales and traffic. The company also uses its UX design, conversion, search, and branding expertise to give e-Commerce clients an edge in the web realm. Ably Soft also holds all the aces in providing Enterprise Solutions with data management & analysis features, and Internet Marketing Services which includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management amongst others. The brand is enriched with right skill set and experience to handle large web application projects with huge database requirements. Ably Soft knows the pulse of the market, and provides affordable solutions for Conversion, UX Optimization, Resources Management, and Data Management & Analysis.

The company is a pioneer in solving big challenges (such as process optimization and data management) encountered by modern businesses. To help clients engage with their customers in a cost effective way, they are creating solutions that will not only manage data but also give them critical insights for better decision making.

Manish Bhalla, CEO&MD, Ably Soft says, "The five core teams working at Ably Soft focus on innovation and provide out-of-the-box solutions to their clients. The head of every team regularly shares knowledgeable resources to keep the team familiar with new technologies and work approaches". Ably Soft which has direct all their energies on providing the best client experience in industry have catered to global brands like Xopso, Kazadu, and Esut.edu.ng. In 2014 alone, the company added 105 new clients and exceeded expectations in service delivery. They also have developed a smart city mobile application and marketplace (web application) in 2014, which apparently will drive their growth this year and the years to come.

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