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July - 2011 - issue > 25 Most Promising Emerging Tech Companies

APPPOINT: Bridging the gap between IT and business users

ST Team
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
ST Team
The process of introducing new solution or integrating, customizing or modernizing existing solution is an ongoing process in any organization driven by business need. To improve agility with which these requirements can be met, organizations continuously innovate on how they address them in a time, cost and risk sensitive manner. Most organizations have established a standardized infrastructure in terms of tools, technology & approach to address these needs.

It is this need for a standardized application infrastructure that AppPoint addresses. The company provides a business application infrastructure that not only simplifies development & delivery of enterprise class business management solutions, but also enables organizations to do so in fraction of time, cost and at significantly lower risks.

“Leveraging solutions from AppPoint, companies could improve ROI on their IT infrastructure by extending, integrating and modernizing existing business management solutions. Further, they can address new business management needs which arise with higher levels of agility by quickly developing new solutions using the integrated model driven IDE of our application platform,” says D.R. Mahesh, Director - Business Development and Operations, AppPoint Software Solutions. The company was founded in late 2005 by Venki Muthanna who is the CEO and Vice President of Engineering.

“Businesses today are becoming very complex with different functions spanning beyond traditional organizational boundaries in terms of business execution and people. To cope with these and maintain competitiveness, organizations invariably have to adopt latest tools, technology and business models. Doing so has its own challenges in terms of costs involved, timelines as well as risks associated with their adoption and at times pushback to change with-in the organization. AppPoint offers solutions which enable organization to cope with these in a non-intrusive, time and cost sensitive manner,” says Sanjay Rao, VP – Sales, AppPoint.

The company’s flagship product portfolio comprises of a suite of “Enterprise Business Application Infrastructure Suite”, BizAPP Studio which includes –

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