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February - 2006 - issue > Cover Feature

A new call to VCs

Sanjeev Jain
Monday, November 17, 2008
Sanjeev Jain
The most daunting task for an IT entrepreneur is not just to sell his product but also to raise capital to fund expansion plans and to get acquired or merge with a bigger player. M&A activity will continue as bigger companies aim to assemble broad IT security portfolios. No reason for this trend to stop anytime soon. It continued early into the year when Symantec acquired instant messaging enterprise software maker IMLogic.

It's not just the rising M&A that the industry is witnessing; even the VCs are keenly looking at the sphere. “CIOs are continuing to buy security technology. They are willing to invest in new breed of security technologies and ready to take risks of buying from early stage companies,” enthuses Ed Sim, Managing Director of Dawntreader Ventures, a New York based Venture Capital firm.

Spending and New Threats
2005 was as bad as 2004 for security breaches and it ended with the emergence of the worst Microsoft security problem yet. It can’t get any worse. Threats like spams, phishing, data theft, worms will continue to force their way into the secure networks of companies. The community of security violators will not grow bigger but will get even more smarter waiting to pounce on any new vulnerability.

At the same time, driven by the bitter experience of security breaches, the investment in IT security has grown which is gradually plugging some of the loopholes that the security violators had been feeding on.

New Areas

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