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A Journey in CEM Customers Perceive Value Based on Experiences They Receive

Karthikeyan Krishnan
Monday, September 7, 2009
Karthikeyan Krishnan

In the extremely competitive telecom sector customer satisfaction is a vital metric of success.Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a crucial aspect for communication service providers (CSP) that aim at achieving this. In the current market scenario, CSPs are dealing with a dynamically changing economy. As of today, we have moved from a product economy to a service economy, and heading towards an ‘experience’ economy, which adds a level of emotion, that was previously missing in a product or a service economy. The complexity of dealing with emotions of a customer increases, given the fact that today’s customers are using multiple channels and complex methods to do business, like IVR, Web, contact center, email, chat, and POS.

Today’s new service offerings are possible from the convergence of not only the wireline and mobile communications sectors, but also from bringing together the communications, computing, media, entertainment, and advertising industries. Still, customer satisfaction remains one of the key differentiators in the battle for market share in a converged services world.

A solution for this problem is not to simply add another system or improve a business process, but to continually monitor what the customers experience.

In this article, we talk in detail about Customer Experience Management (CEM) such as ‘What is CEM?’, ‘Why do we need it?’ and ‘How to successfully implement it?’.

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