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A Customer Relationship Management for Educational Institutions from Fomax

ST Team
Thursday, August 4, 2011
ST Team
At the time of admission a college will get tens of thousands of enquiries from prospective students, but in the end one tenth or even less of these enquires turn into application form submissions. A major share of the enquired students does not get their desired information or prompt institutions and they join somewhere else. But, if all these enquiries can be tracked and followed up, the percentage of application forms submitted will multifold. Most of the education institutions are not able to do so as they lack the proper management system. This is the pain point Fomax Information Technologies is addressing with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product for the Education industry.

“Right from the time an enquiry is generated to the time it is converted into an application and the student is made an offer, all the stages are tracked by the CRM,” says Rajesh Kumar, CEO, Fomax Technologies. The product will track all the enquiries made by the applicants for the courses offered by the institution based on the candidate’s interest. In this system the privilege of creating users is given to Administrator. Enquiries are created based on the course interested by the candidate and it is assigned to respective user to make follow up. Follow up is made by the users based on the candidate interest. During the follow up if the candidate seems to be not interested the enquiry will be dropped out. There are different modules, of which one is master module. The main purpose of master module is to create or edit, course, course type, university, campaign, enquiry and others. There is also an enquiry module, which enables the users to manage the enquiries. It enables to create enquiry, assign enquiry to respective call executive, edit enquiry, view enquiry, make follow up.

Even though this is a general product, the company will customize it according to the needs of its clients. Fomax has invested a good amount of time in this product making sure it will be flexible enough and fit the needs of different clients. The product is built on open source platform and is cloud based. The company provides its customers two options to deploy the product; they can either buy it or can subscribe it as a service. Its SaaS model seems to be the most popular among its customers as this does not require large initial investment and the companies can subscribe to it when it is most needed for them. The company has not gone aggressively into the market with this product and has not spent much on advertising; still they have six customers who have deployed the product. All these customers leverage SaaS based model and are happy with the results that the product generated. Five of these educational institutions are India based while one is an Australian education institution. This show the need there is for a CRM in the educational field not just in the Indian context but also internationally. “In education segment something like this does not exist, and the need for it is huge. We understand this need and we are trying to help our clients with our CRM product,” says Vinay N, VP Marketing & Sales.

Fomax Technology is based out of Bangalore and primarily focuses on global offshore software development, delivering consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing solutions to clients of all verticals.

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