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90 percent Asian Americans go online: survey

si Team
Monday, July 2, 2007
si Team
The Internet plays a significant role in the life of Asian Americans, including Indian Americans, with 90 percent going online and 70 percent visiting ethnic websites every day, according to a survey.

The third annual consumer research study conducted by communication agency Intertrend’s Knowledge Center found that Americans of Indian and Chinese origin between the ages of 25 and 34 spend the maximum time on the Internet as compared to other American counterparts.

The report from the Long Beach, California based communication agency that helps corporate America target the growing Asian American said that the average online shopping expenditure of Americans of Indian and Chinese origin is 138 dollars, double that of last year.

The top products purchased online amongst Asian Americans remained apparel and books. The study also revealed relevant findings on brand loyalty, lifestyle habits, and purchase drivers as well as media consumption of Asian Americans.

According to the respondents 80 percent of them consume ethnic media, with print having the highest penetration followed by TV and radio. Asians prefer to be reached and targeted through in-language advertising.

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