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3 Keys to a successful startup: Engage-Build-Sell

Nandini Hirianniah
Thursday, August 4, 2011
Nandini Hirianniah
Choosing what to focus on after getting started can be rather confusing for the startup founders. In most cases founders lose out on crucial time, right after starting, by focusing on wrong things like fund-raising, team building, deep market research, building a fully functional product as their first release to go public!

When a startup gets started, it should have four things:

1. A founding team (or a founder ) committed to making things work against all odds

2. An important problem that impacts a significant set of customers, and hypothesis for the potential solution(s) that needs to be proven right or wrong

3.Have skills to hand-create solution to the problem, combined with the initial subject matter expertise in the domain they are working on

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