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3LOQ: Mobile Marketing Borne From Transaction Data & Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

Poulomi Mukherjee
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
Anirudh Shah and Sunil Motaparti, friends from Carnegie Mellon University, came together at KeyPoint Technologies to create a predictive text platform, ADAPTXT. KeyPoint Technologies set up a base in Hyderabad and Anirudh moved to Hyderabad to be part of the core management team. In Hyderabad, they were plagued with SMS spam. Anirudh and Sunil came up with a simple proposition. It would be a win-win for brands and consumers if they were able to predict the interests of the consumers at any given moment in time and if only such relevant messages were sent to the consumer. It would need masses of data to actually predict the needs of an individual consumer but the problem would be no more difficult than predicting the text that a consumer wanted to enter. So, 3LOQ was born in 2012 as a big data effort to use machine learning and advanced data mining techniques to predict the consumers' needs at an individual level.

Begot by BitChemy Ventures, a technology incubation firm, 3LOQ also faced the daunting task of convincing the influential banks and telecom companies of its abilities. But with patience, persistence and an unparalleled dexterity over machine learning & data mining, the company has won over many clients in India, Thailand and Indonesia in a short span of time. 3LOQ is also looking to prevail upon the markets of Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Philippines in the next quarter even with a minuscule team of 15 heads working tirelessly in an autonomous environment where everyone knows their part and is insightful of how to help the company climb the ladder of success.

Several companies try their hands on numerous services and rain down their myriad of products on their clients making them 'jack of all trades, master of none'. On the other hand, instead of being a multi-product company, 3LOQ has built a versatile automated platform ARJUNA targeting the needs of the customers by predicting what their current interests are at an individual level. ARJUNA is a back-end large-scale data mining platform. It is data agnostic which can take transaction data from any source and can be used to figure out the consumer's behavioral pattern over a period of time instead of tracking their immediate signal unlike other players do. Later, this perceived behavior blended with a number of other data sources is used to deduce the momentary need of the consumer and administer suited marketing messages over their phones. This helps 3LOQ serve better marketing options to their clients. "We are a young company with a core product which helps us anticipate the needs of consumers and work with brands on helping them help their consumers achieve their lifestyle goals," quotes Anirudh Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, 3LOQ Labs.

3LOQ believes in 'Simple Connections'. This means that brands must find the information simple and actionable and that consumers should find it simple and useful. 3LOQ itself, should have simple processes in managing the platform. 3LOQ believes that removing complexity from the system makes it easy for brands and consumers to benefit from big data.
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